Friday, March 4, 2011

sharkey birthday

Shark attack!  AHHHH!!!  Honestly, I am very terrified of sharks.  And clowns.  And a couple other things, but that is for another discussion.  I think sharks are interesting creatures.  I just don't trust 'em.  Not one bit.  I've never hit anyone in the nose, and I wouldn't want to start with a shark.  So I try to steer-clear....enjoy the ocean, but no further than my chest.  It's scary.  But I like this shark cut for my cricky.  I do not remember which cartridge it is though....beyond birthdays, maybe?  That's the problem with the Gypsy.  I often use the search feature and never pay attention to what I'm using.  Anyone else do that? 
One day at a particularly boring long game that my daughter was cheering for, I designed a bunch of cards.  It was fun. 
So this is not one of my favorite things, but it is birthday.
A birthday. shark?  Oh well, I figure my son can give it to one of his friends.  :)  I think it's kinda cute! 
Shark attack!! :)  (What sound does a shark make besides chomp?!?)

Enjoy today,

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