Monday, December 6, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day Twelve The Beatles

YAY!!!!  I did it!!!!  I love it when a goal works out!!  This is my 12th post to help give inspiration for easy, inexpensive gifts!  I have saved one of the best for last!  I can't tell you how my jaw dropped when I saw this posted on  Thanks, Jennifer!!!  You should check out her blog - she's awesome!!!!  Anyway, I copied her idea and printed off the Abby Road image from google, cut out the fab four, ran them through my sticker maker machine.  Slapped them on the blank canvas and then I went to work with Black Acrylic paint.  Once I was satisfied with the way it looked I carefully removed the sticker.  Super easy and SUPER DOOPER COOLIO!!!!  Man, look at that!  Amazing!  I have a couple of mess ups, but I don't care.  I can't wait for my BF and his son to open these on Christmas day!  I am ready to do more!

Thanks so much for looking and here's what you may have missed:

Thanks again.  I hope you all have happy, healthy holidays!!! :)
This has been a lot of fun!


  1. OK...made the Beatle's canvas...and I absolutely love it! I'll post about it after my cousin receives his gift, and link back to you! Thanks SOOO much for sharing such an awesome idea!

  2. Tammy, wow, I am so glad you made the Beatles art. It looks great. I hope your BF likes it! And thanks for linking back to my page. You're awesome.

  3. Posted my finished picture, and linked back to you! Thanks again for sharing this great find!



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