Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wicked awesome

Hi my friends! 
What a great vacation we are having so far!  Let's see....to begin the weekend - I got an iPad!!!  What a great gift is that?!?!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)  It was a great way to start the weekend! That was Friday.  Saturday, I spent a lot of time making cookies and hanging with my BF.  He fixed the fabuloso steak dinner I had blogged about.  YUMMO!!!  Seriously...I don't think it's legal for food to taste so good! Sunday was good too - more baking, good times with my fam.  It was great!  Then Monday was my first official day of vacation....I took the kiddos shopping, we got all finished up and had a good time together.  I think they are aware that Santa is watching...but I don't care what the reason.  We really did enjoy eachother! 
Then....last night.  WICKED!  Wow!!!  What a great musical!  It is a new fave!  We had a wicked awesome time!!  I'd gotten the tix for my daughter's 13th bday....she has aspirations to perform on Broadway.  I think she will make it too!  She's pretty amazing!  If you get the chance...you should see it!  You won't be disappointed!
Today has been wonderful too!!  We had a jammie and movie day!  We have done next to nothing all day long!  :)  Nice and easy!  We have watched 3 movies and laughed and chatted, we did wrap a few presents, but that's about it.  Days like today are so few and far between I am so happy to get to spend them with my babies!!! :) 
I am going to share a few pictures with you....
Hope you are having a great week as well!!! :)
Merry Christmas!!

My daughter ready for Wicked:
The set for Wicked:

My brother with his blankie!  :)

 My pretty little puppy all ready for Santa...

And, finally, I asked my son to get me a pop and this is what he brought to me.  I really heart that boy!!!
(I love you, mommy....Awwww!)


  1. I saw Wicked in Chicago last week. It was awesome!!!!

  2. Hi Tammy, Wow you lucky gal!!! Congrats on getting your IPAD you are going to love it!! Looks like you all had a good time. Happy New Year!!!!



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