Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day Seven Headbands

Merry, Merry!!! 
Keeping in line with the accessories, I want to show you these cute headbands.  AND they are easy!!!  I am NOT a sewer at all, and I can do these, so you can too!
I honestly got this idea when leaving one of Kaity's volleyball games.  There were a swarm of girls around a lady selling these for $10 each!  I was kinda a sucker cause I hadn't seen them before and bought one so I could figure out how to make more, and more I made!  My BF teased me when I first starting saying that 10 minutes later the whole team had one!  :) 
It takes:
about 4 inches of elastic
about 12 inches of decorative ribbon or fabric
about 12 inches of velvet ribbon either the same width or I prefer smaller
sew, baby, sew

You simply straight stitch, or whatever you want I suppose, the velvet ribbon to the decorative ribbon.  I like to put the velvet on the underside so that it kinda holds in place while it's being worn.  Then simply sew the elastic on.  My daughter loves them and has had me make all kinds!  We seriously went to HL one day when the ribbon was 50% off and purchased about 20 rolls for $1 each.  She wants one for every holiday.  :)  I need to make her some Christmasy ones here soon! 

Here's what you may have missed:


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