Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day Nine - Painted onsies

 Merry Christmas!!!
These can also be found on a previous post, but I can't wait to give them to the little monsters and cupcakes that I made them for!!!  They were a lot of fun....I used my cricut to cut out the 'base image' and then just layered the painting to make them look the way I wanted.  I used fabric paint and waited 20 mins between each layer.  I think they turned out really adorable!  I also included a 'freebie'!  A little photo holder made out of a clippie.  I just stamped and blinged the monkey and taped it to the clip - easy and fun!  My daughter wants to make these for her friends.  Or maybe she wants me to make them for her friends.  LOL! 

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