Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Penquin Card and General Ramblings

Howdy do!!!
Baby, it is cooooold outside!!  Seems like January weather in December.  I'm hoping that means a nice long spring and not a longer winter!  Does make it feel a little more like Christmas maybe, but it makes me want to stay inside!  I have a lot to do before Christmas still....oh well!  We will be getting our tree on Friday and we'll decorate it up then have my brother and his family over on Sunday.  That will be a good time.  Grandma is going to join us too!  YAY!  :)  I'm going to try a new recipe that Mike's dad's squeeze, Lynn, gave to me (boy, say that 5 times!)  I'm sure it will be good!  I don't think I've shared any recipes on here yet....hmmm.  I'll have to do that.  I love to cook!  I try to make a menu every week - works out fairly well.  Grocery shop on the weekend according to what we need then prepare as much as I can to make things easier through the week.  Saves money and I feel like it is a lot healthier even if it's hotdogs, green beans, and mac'n'cheese some nights (last nights fine dining experience). 
I wanted to show you this card that I made for my boy who looooves penguins.  I'm not exactly sure why - could be from Happy Feet?  That was a cute movie...  I'm not sure, but he sure likes them and I like him so therefore I like penguins too!  :)  Although we don't agree on everything, mind you...the music he is listening to right now.  Eh gads!!!  He usually has pretty good taste, but he is stuck on some song that is driving me batty. 
We are almost done shopping...just a few things left to get.  I need to wrap, wrap, wrap.  I also need to get some gift bags for the odd-shaped stuff.  I just don't don't need that extra challenge right now!  I do like to wrap though.  (just Wrap...not rap, that takes me back to my son's music selection...ugh!)  And Ugh takes me to my daughter's wish list....UGG boots.  I tell her that they are appropriately named cause I just think they are UGGLY.  :)  Any of you think that too?  I don't know yet...they are awfully expensive.  I'll have to see what Santa thinks - she has expensive taste, but she doesn't ask for much. 

Okay, enough rambling.... here's the cutest summery penguin card that I've ever made!!  (the only one too!)  And look - no cricut!!  Although that Create-A-Critter penguin is cuuuuuute!

I'd love to hear what you are up to!!



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