Friday, December 17, 2010


Hi pals....
I really do think of you all as my friends.  In saying that, I have some true to life friends that I actually see on a regular basis.  A few of them are even followers!  I felt the need to point that out because I may be embarrassed for sharing today, but here goes.
I am wearing the most God-awful, uncomfie pair of granny panties that I think I've ever worn.  Why am I wearing them then, you ask.  Because I need to do laundry, that's why.  Not just a load or two.  Oh no, that would be a cinch!  I'm talking about possibly 10 loads!  Ugh!  I really hate laundry.  Actually that's a lie, I don't mind doing it - I HATE folding it and putting it away.  I am tempted to take off these panties and just go commando.  That is pitiful.  I should be embarrassed, I s'pose, but who hasn't been here, really.  With so much other more fun important things to do, I really just don't want to do laundry.  So there.  I want to shop, read cards, wrap presents, make cookies, eat cookies, eat treats, eat everything.  I don't want to do laundry.  I just had an idea!!!  MAYBE...I'll just shop for some new panties!  There!  Problem solved!  :)  I love it when things come together!  :)  Okay, not practical.  Esp not when I have better things to spend money on right now.  Including a reciprocating saw that my BF just told me he would like to have.  What the heck is a reciprocating saw!?!  Honestly, I love tools although I don't play with them much, so I'm figuring that this will be a win/win type present cause it looked pretty neat when I looked it up on the Sears website.  I think there are some projects I could use it for AND it could get some things done on the Honey Do List as well! 
YAY, I'm off of work next week.  I'm looking forward to playing with the kids, eating too much, baking too much, visiting neighbors, watching movies, sipping cocoa with Bailey's and alcohol infused whipped cream!  OMG...have you tried that stuff???  If not, run out and get some.  It's a little pricey - about $10 a bottle and you have to shake the tar out of it before it will come out smoothly, but it is sooooo worth it!!!  Delish and delish!  :)  Totally yummy!
This weekend it's just me and Mike in the house.  Oh how I am looking forward to that too!  Not even any games to go to.  All we have to do is breath all day.  WOW!!  AND he said that he's going to get steaks for us for tomorrow night.  OMG!  You don't even understand...this man is a grill MASTER!!  He makes the best steaks I've ever laid my lips on!  Seriously!  I no longer can order a steak at a restaurant unless it's very high end (which I hardly ever go to).  YUM!!!  Reason 5,234,985,439,299,001 that I love him so!  He really is a great man, I am a lucky girl.  
Okay, I guess  I'll end on that mushy note and I will wait impatiently patiently for this last workday to go by so I can return home from work and so that we can start our 'together' weekend and let our batteries recharge for a busy, fun, family-filled , alcohol infused week! 
Hopefully I will touch base sometime next week, but if not, have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!

PS - I'm thinking I will lose these panties any minute!  YUCK!


  1. LOL.....How funny, and yes I can relate - with the washing bit. The Bailey's sounds so nice, I love that stuff too!

  2. Very funny post! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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