Monday, December 6, 2010


YAY!!!!!!!!!!! 50 followers!!!!!!
This is a great way to start the day!!!!  Thank you!!!!!  :)  I truly am humbled and really enjoy that I can inspire you!!  Trust me, you are all an inspriation to me as well!!  Thank YOU!!!!!!

Also want to give a THANK YOU to  my new friend at  look at this cool clock she made from a $5 clock at Walgreen's!!!  Check out her blog and she will send you the template if you want it!  She must have spent hours working on it.  Thanks!

Happy St. Nicholas Day!
I don't know many people that celebrate, but we always put a little something (a clemintine and some chocolate) in the kid's stockings on St. Nicholas day.  It lets them know that they are on the right track for Santa to arrive.  Kinda a fun tradition. 

Today is also the little Princess Tinkerbelle's birthday!!!  She is 7 years old!  :)  Yes, she's my dog.  I know it's insane, but I love that little girl!  To celebrate we bought her a's stairs she can use to climb up and get on the bed!!!!  YAY Tink!!!  See, she's only 3 pounds and can't jump on the couch or bed, or anything.  She's just a wee one.  We always have to give her 'elevator rides' to get up.  Problem is, she looooves to sleep in bed with us, but she often will jump down to get a drink or whatnot and then she whines for us to lift her back longer!!!  Now she has stairs at the foot of the bed and she can make her way!  YAY!!!  I think the gift is as much for us as it is for her, but she loves them, I can tell!  We also got her blechy wet dog food and some treats.  She is gonna have a very happy birthday!  LOL!  The kids even think I'm off my rocker, but oh well.  She really does bring me a lot of joy, so what's the harm?!?! 

ALSO - the 12 days of Christmas is over, but I still have gifts to make so you will still see some more!  This week I plan to make some of the glitter ornaments and also some sock cupcakes and body scrub.  I know I've seen those around blogland a lot...but they are soooo cute!  I think most women would be happy to receive them!  AND I have my Christmas stuff out!!  Wahoo!  I just need to get a tree on Friday and decorate the heck out of it before Sunday then I will be all done!!! :)  WHEW!!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hola Tammy! and I am your 51 follower.... I love your blog!!!! and thank you for sharing this beautiful clock project, love it. Have a great and blessed day!

  2. Nice to meet you Beatriz!!! Thank you for your kindness!! You have a blessed day as well! :)



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