Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tie-Fleece Blanket

Hi fellow crafters!!

One of my co-workers is amazing.  Well, more than one is amazing, but one in particular is extremely fabulous!!!  My friend Lynn, who is really more like a mama to me is awesome!  I can't tell you all of teh reasons why but reason 5,223,234,090,957,001 is that she taught me how to make a fleece blanket.  I thought I knew how to make these as I made some several years ago, however, I am sooo much better now!  First of all, I didn't even use two layers way back them - I used a layer of fleece and a layer of fabric.  This way is so much better!  I also didn't know how to do the corners - I'm still not sure how cutting a 4" square out of the fabric in each corner makes the corners come together, but it works!  I'm glad I trusted her!  :)  It was kinda a pain to cut and tie, but honestly not too bad.  The bad thing is that Lynn suggested 2.5 yards of fabric for an adult and said that she believes most are made at 2 yards.  WELL, becauase my brother is 6 foot 6!!!!!  (yea, he's TALL - I'm not overweight, I'm undertall!) I decided to go with 3 yards of each the top and bottom fleece.  The results....a beautiful, but HUGE blanket!  JUST WHAT I WANTED!!!  I want my favorite brother (my only bro heehee!) to have enough blanket to tuck under is feet and pull up over his shoulders.  I want him to be as comfy as possible and I think this will do the trick!!!  Shhhh....don't tell him!  I picked out a cool fisherman's fabric because when we were kids he may as well have slept in a ball cap with his fishing rod!  He loves to fish the way I love to pester him....well, it's close anyway.  :) 

Front side of blanket

Back side of blanket

Look how loooong it is!  I put sized 8 mens slippers next to it so you can see how long!  It's approx 8 feet long!  :) 

Isn't that pretty fabric?!?!  Not really my style, but my bro will like it!  I think my BF and his dad would too.  Hmmmmm............  Maybe another trip to Hobby Lobby is in store?!?!  It's 30% off right now.  This blanket because it's so long - cost me $35.  The pattern is $10/yard and the solid is $7/yard. 

Now I have a new problem....I kinda want to make one for me!!!  I loooove comfy, cosy, blankets!!!  :)  Guess I should wait until after Christmas when I have a bit more 'extra' money!  :)

Hope you are all doing well -  I really need to get in gear and put out our decorations.  The kids aren't too into it this year for some reason so it makes me less excited.  Ugh.  Wish me luck! 



  1. Wow he is tall. We have tall men in our family too. I know he will appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Very nice job

  2. Tammy your are so funny!!!! Wow he is tall. I'm 5 feet tall so I can't imagine how I would look next to him well maybe I can LOL!!! hey Tammy I have a blog hop happening right now with Dorcas and many other ladies and a lot goodies to giveaway stop by if you haven't already my friend:)

  3. Thanks everyone and Norma, I haven't checked it out! Hope to do so soon! I feel like I've missed out on a lot recently....busy busy busy! AND I still haven't put out my Christmas stuff yet!! Hope to bring it all in from the garage tonight when the kids get home. :)

  4. thank you so much for linking up today! It made my day :) I love fleece blankets. This is great! It would make a great Christmas gift.



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