Friday, January 21, 2011

Braggin' a bit. That's right.

Yea, you read that right....I have something to brag about.  BOTH of my kiddos got STRAIGHT A's!!!!  I'm not talking on a test, or on their 9 wk grades, I mean for the entire semester!!!!  Wow!!  That's some smarts.  So....I usually give them money for grades.  That's what my parents did too.  I know it's not a huge incentive and although money is nice, they really don't even spend it really.  yet.  SO....this time, since they've both done so well I got both of them laptops!!!!  They are used and I got a really good deal, but they now each have their own computer and can use it for all of their projects!  My son has already created a SPORTS powerpoint.  He wants to go to Notre Dame and then go into the NFL.  Hey, it never hurts to dream!!!
Kaity asked me if I could make something for the back of her laptop.  She asked if I could cricut her name and a monkey.  WELL, what was a mom to say!!!  My teenager needs me!  YAY!!  I'm glad that they like my crafting.  I get to play and help them at the same time!!!!  WIN/WIN!!!!  I thought, I can use vinyl!!!!  Wahoo!  It worked like a charm!  I have a few colors and I let her pick the colors and design.  This is what she came up with. 

Love that girl!!!

Of course my son wanted one too...
Here is what he came up with.  What a cutie!


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