Sunday, January 16, 2011

Totally Bitchin'

Do I have your attention now???  :)  Love this stamp set and love these cards!!! 
I made v-day cards for my BF and my BFF!  :) 
First for my BFF, Linda....
Totally love her sass!  :)  AND I have to take a second to brag on my bestie....she is wearing a size 8 in JEANS!!!  Biatch!  So proud of her!  She's been walking and now even running!  Wahoo!  She rocks and I love her!     If I only had her inspiration....  :) 

NOW....used the same devlish girl for a card for my BF.....Mike is gonna love this!  :)  At least he'd better.  Cause I do.  And if he doesn't then I'll have to remind him that I'll find someone that will.  LOL!  :)  I'm just being sassy.  (that's part of the devil in me)  He'll love it! 




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