Monday, January 10, 2011

Shovel and Tarp

Hi my blogging friends....
Can I just say how great it felt to sit down and be creative.  No other agenda just to create.  I realize that I usually have something I need to get done, a specific card or gift or even challenge.  BUT I just sat down with no set idea of what I was going to do and made some cards.  And guess what?  I think they are some of my all-time faves!!!  :)  I'm glad I did it!  Sassy and fun.  Just how I was feeling.  This one is a bit complicated.  I got the idea for teh card style in a book adn it has a pull down.  The pull down isn't very smooth though so next time I may try a little different technique, but the card is adorable and I love it with it's flaws just the same. 
The text says...There is no problem a shovel and a tarp can't fix.  Tee hee!
I hope you like it!  Bahahaha!  


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