Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hedgehog happiness

Hi my crafty friends!!
Well...I am busy working on my goals and today I mailed 3 cards!!!  YAY!!!  That doesn't even include the two New Year/Thank you cards that I mailed last week.  I will show you those in a second.  So that is goal number 11 - task completed for the month!  :)  I also tried a new recipe last night!  Feels good!  We had beef enchiladas.  I found the recipe here.  http://mrsbettierocker.blogspot.com/2010/09/chicken-enchiladas-veggie-slow-cooker.html  She is super fun to read and her stuff looks amazing!  She also has a cool, kickass name for her blog.  Hope you take a peek and try some stuff too! 
So last night when I got home I blogged a bit then made the enchiladas and because I had purchased a big 5 pound thing of ground beef at Sam's I went ahead and froze some and also made two meatloafs to freeze.  I was all proud of myself for being so domesticated.  I really like the menu idea that I started a couple months back.  It really helps keep me on track and saves me money to shop by the list.  Next week we'll have the meatloaf I froze this week.  Easy Peasy!  Tonight we are having a pasta dish that I have frozen.  I like this!  It really helps since I work full time and have busy kiddos.  I like the idea of having homemade, healthy, hot meals prepared.  It works for me. 
I also had time to play a few rounds of Scattergories with my son, Alex.  That was fun.  Pretty Little Liars was on last night too!!!!!  WOW!  Anyone else watch that?  I sat with my daughter and we watched together (it's kinda our thing) and it was really good!  She has been waiting for it to start....and it was goooood last night!  I bought her the first 4 books for Christmas.  She is going to pass them to me when she is finished with them!  :)  Wahoo!

So...here are the New Year's cards I sent out.  Used them as thank you cards too, for my boss and also for Mike's dad.  They gave me a crystal hedgehog that used to be Mike's mom's!!!!  Awwww!  how sweet was that!?!?!  I love it and I put it in my china cabinet right next to a little brass flower and vase that used to be my mom's!  :) 

Hope you are having a good year so far!

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