Saturday, January 15, 2011

I like it dirty

Ha!  Love the pun...and yes, it is intended!  :)
I love this stamp set that I got from a my favorite things stamps.  I can't seem to find the link right now, but if you want it need it, let me know and I'll hunt it down.  ;)  They have some great stuff and I used a couple of sets this past weekend. 
I made this a little 3x3 card.  Figure I'll put it in my sweetie's lunch box.  Give him something to smile about and embarass him all at once.  SCORE!  :) 
AND it's a pop-up!!!  YAY!  Cute!

Hope you all are having a great week! 
I am scheduling a bunch this week so I'm sorry if these seem a bit impersonal.  I just have so much to show you!  :)  I've been a busy girl.




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