Monday, January 17, 2011

Great weekend!!! General Ramblings and randomness

Hi my crafty friends!!!
Wow!!  What a great weekend!  We had a lot of fun!!!  First, Friday, we went for sushi and it was sooooo yummo!  OMG!  I'm talking some of the best I've ever had.  To make it even better, it was really close to the house AND it was reasonable!!!  YAY!!!!  :)  Woot, woot!  After sushi, Mike noticed a little winery next foor so we checked it out.  Nice.  Not awesome, but we had a nice tasting and bought a couple cheaper bottles.  Then we went home and watched Easy A.  That was really good!  I'm not sure if I'll let my 13 year old watch it, but it was a NO KIDS weekend and we could watch whatever we wanted!  :)

Saturday Mike slept in and I crafted starting at 6am!  :)   YAY!  I will show you some creations soon.....  Then we went to a place called Dream Dinners.  Ever heard of it?  Well, it's pretty cool.  You prepare meals using their precut, preportioned stuff and their recipies.  For example we made a meatloaf and they had the bread and spices all laid out.  We just had to add whatever we needed for each recipe - 2 C bread crumbs, mixed with 1/8 t salt.....and we put it all into ziplock baggies and then you have the meal all ready to go.  Just mix and bake.  Easy peasy.  Pretty nifty.  I saw an ad on TV one morning and thought I'd give it a whirl.  We had the meatloaf last night and it was pretty good.  The kids said that it wasn't as good as mine (I'll give them some extra allowance next week for that one!) but we all enjoyed it.  Not bad and really easy.  No mess in my kitchen either.  I dont think it is something I'll do all of the time but I will compare pricing and see just how much more I think I'm paying to do it that way.  If it's not too bad, it may be worth the convenience every now and again. 

My son also had a basketball game Saturday....they lost for the first time.  Boo!  Then Mike and I ate at Bob Evans (chicken and noodles...yummm!)  then went back home to watch some Football and take a nap!  :)  I crafted some more...YAY!  AND THE PACKERS WON!!!  YAY!!! 
Saturday evening Mike made his fabulous steaks and we fried some potatoes.  I have a mandolin (SP?) that I hardly ever use because I'm a bit scared of it.  But Mike wanted to use it and it really does do a great job!  HOWEVER....OMG.....
Mike - 0; Mandolin - 1!!!!
YUCK!!!!  He cut his finger.  Blech! 

SO...............he took it easy the rest of the evening and Sunday.  Good thing there was football!  :)  We also watched New Moon on Saturday.

Sunday we stayed in our jamjams all day long!  Niiice!  I crafted my little heart out in the morning.  Then Mike and I made homemade donuts!!!  :)  That was something on my goal list for 2011.  I'm gonna keep it on though, because I'm not calling it quite a success yet.  This was just a trial run.  They were good, but not as good as I know they can be!  I also had some bananas that needed attention so we made Choc Chip Banana Bread.  That was YUUUMO!  :) 

I also made a crock pot full of green beans.  Love them!  Threw in some ham from last week and they were delicious.  I let them cook all day and then we had some with our meatloaf.  We have plenty to last all week.  YAY!!!  :)
Kids came home last night around 6pm and they were off today.  I had to work, but did get to leave a bit early.  Gonna watch another movie with them and may play a couple games. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! :) 

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  1. The food looks yummy and I totally understand getting up early to craft.



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