Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wanna go to Paris?

Wanna go to Paris?  I do!!!  So does my DD!!!  She wants to go way more than I do!  She is all about Paris and New York!!  She's never been to either place, but she learns as much as she can and I know she will go at some point.  My BF is German and grew up in Europe and tells her all about France.  She even wants to take French....  more power to her.  I took it in HS for about 3 years and I can't even say the alphabet anymore.  It was hard.  Blech!  And no one uses it.  I am trying to steer her towards Spanish, but who knows.  She is her own girl. 
Anyway, I made this card with her in mind.  She loved it when she saw it and I think she tacked it on her wall.  :) 
Where would you go if you could go anywhere????  I think I'd go to Australia or maybe Hawaii - I'd love to go there!


  1. Yeahhhhh, I sure want to go to paris, Italy as well as Austrailia. Great job on the card

  2. Super cute card! Love it! The one place I so very much long to go sometime is New Zealand! Really really want to vacation there! I also want to visit Ireland as it is in my heritage.

    O another note, I am so glad I found your blog! As I read your profile I see we have quite a bit in common and live close to one another! I have 2 boys, one will be 12 in march. The other will be 7 in April. I have a boyfriend that has a son that will be 13 in march and I often blog and/or scrap and craft about all of us. I very much enjoy when we are all together having fun! So anyway just thought I'd drop you a little note.

    Sharon : )
    God Bless

  3. Thanks for the kind words gals! :) I do love to read them!!!
    Sharon - shoot me an email at I'd love to know someone close by that shares this addiction. Tee hee! :)



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