Sunday, February 20, 2011

CREPES!!!! and 52 reasons

I love me some Mikey!!!  I love him, love him, love him!  AND the man can cook!  :)  This morning.  Crepes!!!  CREPES!!!!  Wow!  They were fabulous! 
He's made them once before and rocked the house then, but this time instead of cherries, we had a cream cheese filling and let me tell you....they will set you free!!!  YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I love me some Mikey! :)

Also....I really wasn't sure if I was going to share this or not.  I gave this to him for Valentine's day and have been thinking about posting it, but it is really personal.  BUT, we are all friends here, right?!?!  I got the idea from another blog and I can't find who to give the credit to, she did something similar and when I was in Michael's before hearts day, I saw a deck of heart cards and my mind started going.  AND they were only $1!  This is NOT the most expensive gift you can give someone, but I think it is really romantic and thoughtful and fun!  I wanted to be able to treasure this so I modge-podged them.  Funny thing is that he was sitting in the scrapbook room the whole time .... we were watching a movie and he was sitting at the computer desk not paying any attention to what I was doing so it worked out well!  :) 

So, friends, here are picutres of my most personal Valentine's gift to my sweetie.....

Enjoy today,

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