Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Italian dinner?

Hi friends!!!
Before seeing these pictures you may wonder what a hedgehog and italian dinners have in common.  You will soon realize that they go together very well!  :)  If only in my eyes.  See, when I was making this card, I was tying to keep in mind that the audience is a 13 year old girl who is my daughter's BFF and a real sweetie.  We are inviting her over for an Italian Dinner and I wanted to try to be fun and send her an invite and have cute decorations and such.  So I looked at my cricut carties for ideas and honestly there isn't much.... I found a pot and a fork with spaghetti on it so I cut that out then I found the noodles from create a critter and, in my head, all of that was going to go on the front of the card.  I wanted to make a pop-up card for obvious reasons....I love pop-ups.  Who doesn't?!!?  So, I thought what animal reminds me of Italy?  Nothing came to mind.  So, I did what anyone else would do....cut out a cute hedgie with a red and white bow.  I know, duh!  Who wouldn't have thought of that.  Obvious choice. 
Well, when I put the card together, I couldn't make it look right with everything spaghetti-like on the front.  SO.... there's a hedgie hog in the pasta.  :)  LOL!!!  Whatev.  Kaity liked it so I'm sure Aubre will too!

Enjoy today!



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