Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Robot Valentine!!

Happy February!!!
Can you believe I got the Robot carty for $12 on ebay!!!  :)  YAY, me!  I love ebay....it's really great for me!  Of course, I don't always get good deals, but I'd say mostly I do pretty well.  I ocassionaly fall into the 'gambling' thing though and end up spending more than intended just to get the thrill of a win!  :)  Oops.  I hope my BF doesn't read that.  :)  Just kidding.  He knows I like to spend money!  Good thing I like to make it too I s'pose! 
He won't care and if he does he can suck it.  :)  I'm telling you, telling people to suck it, really makes me feel better.  You should try it! 
Of course I don't really mean for him to suck it.  Well, most of the time anyway.  I like him way better today than I did yesterday, yesterday he really p'd me off.  No lie.  Oh well, mama said there'd be days like that.  To show him how much I love him I used my new carty to make a robot!!!!  It was fun!  There aren't really any directions so I just fit to page and cut every thing on a different cardstock and once they were cut, I figured out how to put them together fairly easily.  Here is what I came up with.
Love you, Mikey!!  (Yes, I'm sucking up in case you read this!)
YAY!!!  I think he's a cutie!  :)  (Both the robot and my Mikey! xoxo....see, I can be sweet!) And, yes,  I used green...I know most robots you see aren't green.  Who are you kidding, how many robots do you see?  Green happens to be Mike's fave color and I think Mr. Roboto looks dang cute in green! 
Have a good day!

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