Saturday, February 12, 2011

You make me smile!

You make me smile!!!  When I saw this stamp I knew I HAD to have it!!!!!  Hopefully you all have heard Uncle Kracker's song called Smile!  :)  It is awesome and is my special song with my sweetie.  Well, one of them.  Both of us are big music fans and I introduced him to my other BF - Kracker!!!  LOVE him!  Of course Kracker doesn't know that.  Well maybe he does.  At his last concert I wore a black tee with I heart Kracker written on it in white.  Hope he noticed!  Hope he noticed, took note, and is just waiting for the right moment to contact me and proclaim his love for me too!  :)  I think it'll happen, for sure.  Of course, what will I do if it does happen.  Mike may be a little upset.  Hell, who am I foolin', Mike would be happier than I'd be!  He'd be like, Woot, Woot, we get our own personal concerts!  AND, AND, AND, he's coming to see me in June with Kenny Chesney!!!!  I'll bet THAT's what he's waiting for!!!!  See there, Kracker, I have it figured out!  May be a bit awkward for Kenny though....cause they are gonna have to fight over me.  :)  What can I say, I'm a lucky girl!
If you haven't heard that song, please YouTube it, then rush out and buy the album....they are all good!  Love the Girlfriend song and the I hate California one too, oh, and his version of Mainstreet.  You will NOT be disappointed!!!  Try it, you'll like it! 
Okay, I really did start this post with a card in mind to show  you.  Sorry about the rambling....but now I'm even more 'cited!!!!  :)  MY BFs are coming to see me in June!!! :)   YAY, ME!!!  :)
Oh, yea, here's the card...I'll be busy daydreaming.....
Tammy  :)  Mrs. Kracker-Chesney



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