Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Card

Hi my fellow crafters!!
I have just about completed all of the heart's day cards that I'm gonna make, I think.  I did a 3x3 card class at Archivers and made a bunch of the wee ones.  I think I'll start putting them in lunches for my sweeties soon and spread some love.  I wanna show you a 3x3 that I did and I made it a cute 'lil pop-up.  Know why?  CAUSE I LOVE THE POP-UPS!  :)  That's why.  This one I thought would be cute for my sweet Kaity.  I know she'll like it! 
Hope you all are having a nice winter.  I like the pretty-ness of the snow, but I'm ready for it to go.  Bring on the spring flowers and warmer weather.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Love it! 
Well, here is my card.  I heart the pop-up on this one!  :)

YAY!!!  I like this one!! :) 
I think I'm gonna do a valentine banner and some cute cuppie picks too....  I'm 'cited!  :)  It's fun showing the ones I love just how much I love 'em!  Cause I do!


  1. OMG...That is too cute! Have a blessed day!
    HUgs, Carol L

  2. Love this pop up card. Truly cute Tammy



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