Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stair cards!

Have you guys seen these stair cards?!?!  I may be slow at using this cut, but I just found it and LOOOVE it!!!  It's super easy and fits a regular envelope and it's pretty fabulous!
I made 3 of them!!!!  Two the same design for b-days I have coming up and one as a valentine.   I will post the valentine one tomorrow.
These cards are for Mike's brother and for my BFF's hubby.  My daughter laughed when she read them.  Then she laughed when I told her they were for men.  She thinks this is more of a womanly card.  Probably because of the old lady on them.  Oh well, she can suck it.  :)  There I go's so stress relieving!!! I tell ya, ya gotta try it!



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