Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!!! 
We will be doing a little celebrating for sure....our annual red dinner will be easy this year.  Spaghetti, sparkling wine/grape juice, and heart shaped bread.  Dinner will be served by candlelight.  :)  Fun!  I know the kids will appreciate it.  They will also have their goodies...candy and a T-shirt.  It will be a fun evening!  Mike and I celebrated last week with dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse. was ridiculously good.  If you have one close to you, you should definately check it out, but go hungry.  You get a ton of food!  The steaks are amazing and lots of different cuts to try.  The salad bar.  OMG, that salad bar!!!  I could fill up on that!  Asparagus so big it was as round as my thumb!!!  Smoked salmon, cheese, greens, everything you would want....amazing!!! 
Well, I don't usually do a lot of decorating for heart's day, but this year, with my cricut I had to kick it up a notch.  Just a little, not a lot.  I made a fun banner for the fireplace mantle.  Sorry the pics are crazy, but I think you'll get the jist.  :)

Happy Hearts day!!!!  :)

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