Saturday, February 5, 2011


I made these adorable can koozie's thanks to this blog...
check her out....she's amazing!!!  AND fun to read!  :)  And her instructions are way better than mine!!

I had to show some spirit!  These were soooo easy!   I went to Menards and they have samples of indoor/outdoor carpet that is approx 6x9.  THEY GAVE THEM TO ME!!!!  I can make two koozies out of each piece!  :) 
Easy peasy....
Cut each piece in half to make them 3x9
Wrap around and hot glue the end together
I took a sticker and stuck it on cardstock then put hot glued them on. 
that's it!  They fit perfectly on a can that way...for a bottle I will need to cut them down to about 8 inhes, but arent' these fun?!!??!!

My son loves the Titans, so I made one for him too!  :)

Thanks for looking and GO, PACK, GO!!!  :)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome job. Great that Menard's gave you the scraps.



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