Friday, February 11, 2011

Gone Goofy

Hi friends!!!  :)
Okay...I admit, I love Goofy.  He's so fun and he just makes me smile.  So when I found a Goofy coloring page, I thought to my self.  Self, you can use this as a digi!!! :)  I think it worked out well.  And I went even further and printed several.  I made cards with Goofy and Piglet.  Piglet's coloring is a bit off.  Oh, how I'd love a whole set of Copic markers!  Shoot me an email and I'll send my address so you can send some along!  Tee hee!  Anway, minus his awful pink color, these turned out pretty decent and were a great alternative for a digi!!!!  Try it, you'll like it!  :)
My sweetie is going to have more cards this year than in all his years passed.  Combined.  :)  LOL!  Oh well, what can I say??? 
I made a little flowery thing out of scrap paper on the Goofy card.  It's fun and easy to do!  Just score a 12 inch piece of scrap every 1/4 inch and then accordian fold it.  It doens't matter how wide it is....mine was about 1 inch.  Just use a scrap.  After you've folded it make a bracelet-like out of it and glue the ends together.  Once the glue is dry, smoosh the bracelet down and bring the middle together as close as you can make it.  Have two small circles cut out and use either hot glue or strong, fast dry glue ready.  Put a little glue on the circle then quickly and carefully place the circle in the center of the smooshed bracelet.  Then put another circle on the other side.  I usually start with the 'back side' then do the front so I cand be sure to center it.  This time I put the quote right over the circle.  Hope that makes sense.  It's really easy and adds a nice element to your project! 
Hope you enjoy!


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