Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog's Day!

Happy Groundhog's Day!!! 
Yay!  This is one of those silly holidays that are fun to acknowledge.  Since it's an ice-storm here and we are all staying inside and bundled up, I thought I'd do something fun.  I got this idea off of this website....  I changed it up a bit to fit me, but you really need to check out this site!  She's amazing and a lot of fun to read! 

I don't even remember if we want Phil to see his shadow or not.  ???  Either way, I hope Phil is kind to us as we've had a heck of a winter!!!  I'm ready for some spring!!! 
I know these pictures are really dark - they were taken last night about 10pm.  It's crazy how light the sky was!!!!  There is about 2 inches of ICE on everything!  BLECH!

Okay....I couldn't get this to turn around, so let's just pretend it's right-side up. 
I took chocolate chips and put them in a ziplock then melted them in the microwave for about 2 minutes until melted and then snip the end ever so slightly.  I used M&M's for the eyes and nose.  I put some chocolate on the candies for the eyes and cut them in 1/2 for the nose.  I just stuck them on the melted chocolate.  I also used the back of a spoon to smooth out the chocolate.  Pop them in the freezer to harden.

I added a little 'shadow' chocolate on the ridge of the mugs
Whipped cream, cinnamon sprinkled and placed the chocolate hog on top.  Beware, they are kinda heavy and tend to sink so I had to kinda lay them on top.  and they melt pretty quickly so work fast!  :)  I had a happy family this morning though!!!  :)  It was really fun, easy, and cute.  Went well with the groundhog shaped pancake for my son too!  :)  Tee hee!

He's just going back into his's too cold out here for him!

Speaking of cold....this is some of the ice from my poor, poor car!!!  

Look how thick that is!!!!!  Stay warm!

Enjoy today!

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  1. That looks Yummy! This weather has just been crazy! We are in day 2 of an ice storm! Stay warm! Dina

  2. wow, now that is some cold, so glad where I am it has been in the 50's. I'm glad you like Stella and Dot. They have amazing jewelry!

  3. Looks really good. Stay warm. We had a blizzard yesterday 8 inches of snow.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your chocolate groundhogs today!



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